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on Feb 28, 2008 in Camera Gear Posts, Wildlife Photography

What about the flash?


This has been a common question of late, “what about flash and the D3?” and it’s a darn good question. What about using iTTL flash with the D3? What about using flash with the 600VR? What about using flash with wildlife? All darn good questions that I’m trying to produce new content as quickly as I can to help answer. I have two of the three answers up for you now. We’ve just posted TWO NEW videos on D3 flash. You can find them here. I’ve posted a new paper on the basics of using iTTL flash in the D3 and flash in general you can find here.

Hopefully while I’m on the road the next couple of weeks (in part filming Wildlife Photography videos for Kelby Training), I can get some content written on flash for wildlife. Flash for wildlife is different from what you’ll learn from the greats, the Strobist or Joe McNally because we have no control over our subject so it requires a little different approach.

What you see pictured here is the flash set up I use with the 600VR (which you’ll notice is wearing its “coat“) when photographing birds. The 600VR is mounted on a Whimberley Head with the Whimberley F-9 Flash Arm holding a SB-800. There is a shortened SC-29 cable connecting (using this) the flash to the D3. There is a SD-8a powering the SB-800 with a BetterBeamer (to increase DOF) attached to the SB-800 head.