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on Mar 4, 2008 in Wildlife Photography

Rare Sightings this AM



O0ps…there goes someone’s future Halibut dinner! This Little Blue Heron was SOoooo cool to watch as it did a perfect 360 with bill touching the water as it got just the perfect angle to grab this morsel. But that’s not the rare sighting.


Anyone who’s been to So FL knows this is not a rare bird, the White Ibis, but it was fun to stand out in the lagoon at No. Beach, FT DeSoto and photograph them going past. It put my FiveFingers to work, that’s for sure!



And even though I was surprised to find this American Golden Plover amongst the big wading birds, it’s the rare sighting that I didn’t capture on film that has me still scratching my head. Laricus Beckurious was the rare sighting, so elusive I’ve never even got my lens on him darn it. You might know him by his common name, Larry Becker. Larry is this really great guy who most know from the opening ceremonies at Photoshop World. Laurie, Sharon & I are very fortunate to know Larry as a dear friend and it was great to have him out with the gang shooting this morning. How does he say thanks? After letting him shoot with my 600VR head shots of a Wood Stork, he just turned, stared my in the eye and said, “You’re just a glass pusher, aren’t you?” Can I help it if he loved the full frame head shots?

On a serious note (now you know the bulls coming, right? Get it, Moose Blog…bull…I’d best stop) I’ve found that working in a combo of 21 Dynamic AF and Auto Area AF works great with all the bird photography. I’m very pleased with the results.

Photo captured by D3, 600VR on Lexar UDMA digital film