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on Mar 9, 2008 in Just Out!

How’d you spend the weekend?


With Josh here, it’s time to go to work (I got to goof off last week, I wasn’t the boss). Josh & I spent time behind the camera photographing this nesting Great Horned Owl (and chick)


and time in front of the camera. We filmed the next in the series of online classes for Kelby Training (bird photography). We filmed SO much, I’ve actually lost my voice. Heck, it’s going to take Jason weeks and weeks to edit and create another master piece. FL Base Camp just started so I gotta get up early and shoot….trust you had a great weekend as well!

Great Horned Owl, photo captured by D3, 600VR w/TC-14e on Lexar UDMA digital film

Moose, photo by Josh Bradley, Canon 20D