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on Mar 17, 2008 in Camera Gear Posts

Where are they?


Started receiving a number of emails asking, “Where on your blog are these videos?” Finally, someone said they heard them mentioned at PSWTV. If I didn’t have this or that micro site, it probably would be easier to keep track of all this “stuff” I’ve put out there (I have a paper map on my desk so I can find stuff). Anyways you can find the D3 videos here. Will I be doing the same thing for the D300? I won’t. As time has gone by, I’ve gone to just shooting with the D3 with its FX sensor for everything so I don’t know the D300 that well. Many of the settings on the D3 like those for the AF translates to the D300 though just fine. Will I be coming out with more videos? Heck yeah…just watch the blog next week. Remember that McNally posting about me a while back….pay back time 🙂