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on Mar 31, 2008 in Wildlife Photography

Just Duckie


Well, arrived in Orlando at 01:30 this AM, checked in 1 hotel and then changed to another by 11:00 (long story). I went to class today to learn some new stuff and when it was all done, I totally forgot what room I was in. As in, I wondered the halls looking until running into my good friend RC (of NAPP fame) & Joe. After a little consoling, I found my room but Sharon was missing. I called her to find out she was watching the ducks walk the red carpet. “What did you say?”  That’s right, ducks walk the red carpet here at The Peabody. So naturally being a wildlife photographer, I grabbed my camera and headed down. All I can say…what a Duckie way to start Photoshop World.

Photo captured by D3, 24-70AFS (ISO 1600) on Lexar UDMA digital film