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on Mar 25, 2008 in Landscape Photography

Moab #2am

Up early and WOW! Mesa Arch just glows! It’s very rewarding to receive emails from folks who not only enjoy the images here, but back engineer how it was taken and use that info for their own photography. Yes, this is the combination of two images, one for the highlight detail and one for the shadow detail. They are merged in Photoshop and then finished with Tonal Contrast Nik Colerefex 3.0 filter. Photo captured by D3, 14-24AFS on Lexar UDMA digital...

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on Mar 24, 2008 in Landscape Photography

Moab #1pm

Ok…now that I’m back with it (posting at midnight doesn’t always work well), these are images from Cisco landing where we ventured to again. It just wasn’t my night, so I highly recommend you heading to Josh’s blog who had a great evening, Kevin’s blog and Laurie’s. And if you’re bored, there’s always Joe’s blog. Actually, I’m still in shock that Joe came back late last night, processed an image from the shoot, got it up along with text in his blog. Did you feel the earth stop, I sure did! Photos captured by D3, 200VR &...

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on Mar 24, 2008 in Landscape Photography

Moab #1am

Our start of our Moab DLWS was great even though, as you can see, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Our own Joe McNally sacrificed his body to be our living silhouette model in North Window. Then, once the sun had become too hard for anything else, I went up into the window itself to capture just one portion of the arch. It was a great start showing how even when the light isn’t happening, photography still can. Photos captured by D3, 14-24AFS on Lexar UDMA digital...

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on Mar 22, 2008 in Landscape Photography, Great Stuff

Cisco … was a friend of mine!

We went scouting today and did we strike pay dirt! The old town of Cisco Landing landed us a treasure trove of great images. Starting with moonset. This is a composite of two images, one with the buildings in focus, the other of just the moon in focus. Even Nikon can’t pull off that kind of DOF with the 200-400VR! Next, I walked down the “street” to this old gas station and with the 14-24AFS, did a artsy fartsy self portrait. Then, I got out of my own way to photograph the front of the gas station. What appears to be the shadow of my legs on the right is actually a paint stain. Using the 200f2VR, I could shoot through the rear window and have it totally out of focus. This image was finished using Nik ColorEfex 3.0, Monday Morning filter. Whenever I’m doing this type of shooting, I already have in my mind applied, like in this case, the Monday Morning filter which makes composition possible. Laurie...

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on Mar 21, 2008 in Landscape Photography

Two Mints in One

We headed out to Dead Horse Point tonight (you turn left where it smells bad) to find cloudless vistas. Well, I decided to work the same subject a couple of different ways: two different angles and two different formats. I then finished them the same in NX, Efex 3.0 and now I’m just staring at them trying to decide which I like best. I’ll probably have to print them out to make the final call. Photos captured by D3, 14-24AFS on Lexar UDMA digital...

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