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on Apr 16, 2008 in Just Out!

D3 Firmware Posted

Heyya…Nikon just posted a firmware update for the D3, here’s the link for both platforms. Here’s the IB PDF of the updates.

04.17AM: Despite my pleases of no emails in regards to the firmware, I’ve been flooded especially in regards to the always faithful internet rumors. I have loaded the firmware update into the 3 D3s I have and found no issues, the D3s work just perfectly. I like being able to make the AF sensor indicator brighter and with my latest project, having the AF Illuminator work with all focal lengths is a HUGE help. But please, don’t send me more examples of your issues, I don’t run a repair shop, I don’t write the firmware and I have no ability to fix it. If you feel you have a problem, I highly recommend you contact Nikon. Thanks!

04.17PM: It seems the saga continues and the mystery deepens. Rob G just posted this, it appears there are many plagued by the mysterious D3 Ghost. Rob G is saying you might want to hold off on installing the new firmware. I’ve yet to get my D3s to create the ghost, so there is something going on in either the installation or a combo of settings not yet determined either causing or not causing the problem.