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on Apr 26, 2008 in Wildlife Photography

What was I after?

That has been a common question in the last few days. Actually, it’s something I’ve been trying to photograph for 21yrs, only got it once and that was back in 2000. This was my view, what I stared at for nine hours yesterday (while sitting in the heat and dodging dust devils). These are the baked hills of CA’s Central Valley and no matter what I try in Photoshop, they ain’t going to look good, so I made the photo look old.

And we knew the subject was there, we’d tracked the family right to the den. In fact twice I saw a couple of ears, eyes and nose. But I never got the shot I was after.

But what I was after were Fuzzheads. Now, if you don’t know what that is, I suggest it being Earth Day, you do a little web searching and find it out (you don’t have to email me the answer). Hopefully in June I’ll be back with them and even though they are no longer fuzzheads, I just love working with them!

I should add that if I got skunked with the fuzzheads, I’d do some wildflower photography. Hah! That’s dried wildflower photography.