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on May 15, 2008 in Landscape Photography

It only took 30yrs!

Driving along Hwy 101 cruising through the Del Norte Grove of redwoods, you see this scene all along the road. A single god beam piercing through the canopy dramatically lighting one majestic giant. You stop to capture the moment only to comeback with either mud or bleached out greens. The reason, the range of light. In this particular scene, when I metered the light it was a 11 stop range!

Today as we were driving up the redwoods it occurred to me a way of making this photograph happen real easily. We no sooner had dropped out luggage in our room and we were out at the grove seeing if my idea would work. I’m tickled pink to report that with less work then loading a flash card into the D3 I made this image containing information in the shadows and highlights and every point in between.

Oh, how did I do it? If you are with us this week at DLWS, I’m going to show you the answer. If not, well, it only took me 30yrs to figure it out.

Photo captured by D3, 14-24AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film