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on May 28, 2008 in Great Stuff, Landscape Photography

A Positioning Day

This was a day where we had to make the choice of either loosing 1 or 2 days of possible tornadoes. Rather then heading to NM and loose two days of activity, the wise choice was made to drive 460 miles to NE so we can chase thur/fri. Along the way of our travels today, we made a number of stops to learn a little and stretch a little.

This is Monument Rocks, KS and is the first National Natural Landmark so designated by the US Dept of the Interior. It’s in the middle of nowhere KS and is on private land (the land owners are kind enough to just let folks in). Also known as the Chalk Pyramids, they are pretty way cool and I’m very glad we were taken to them!

Now you might be wondering why there is a B&W and color version of each image. As you can see it was an overcast afternoon so I shot thinking B&W, composing for B&W and was going that route in post until I dropped my black point and realized I liked the muted tan tones. Now the bottom B&W is my favorite of them all, but the others are growing on me. I’ll let you decide what you like the best.

Photos captured by D3, 14-24AFS/24-70AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film