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on May 29, 2008 in Just Out!

Position, Position, Position

It’s all about position, this storm chasing thing. I’m writing right now two blocks away from six homes that were destroyed by a tornado that went through Belleville, KS. My heart goes out to all these folks, some are reported still trapped in their homes. You have my prayers! Until you’ve gone through a tornado at night, you just can’t imagine the terror! We had the luxury of amazing guides with incredible tools to keep us out of harms way. These folks weren’t as fortunate! (05.30 update, no one reported injured)

Yeah, that’s a GIANT freakin wall cloud and there is a tornado here, and we’re there to witness it! In the lower photo, you can see the dust blum starting (left side), that’s the base of the tornado. Moments after this photo was taken, we were in the vehicles and heading east to get back in front of the super cell. This tornado not to long after this photo was taken went through Kearney, NE.

We drove 500 miles today, most of the time literally chasing the storm. Working the sophisticated computer models, looking at GPS road maps, the Tempest Tour team gets us in place at the right time, and safely! I am in awe of Bill, Brian and Keith and their ability to read mother nature and put us in the right place over and over again. Simply put, they are the BEST!

Photos captured via the Tempest Team’s skill to put me in the right place, it’s all about position!