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on Jun 30, 2008 in Landscape Photography, Great Stuff

Outer Banks DLWS

DLWS is heading to the home of flight, Kitty Hawk, NC for a great DLWS event. DLWS has an amazing staff and this particular event was conceived by our own Brad Moore and it’s a winner!This is the first time DLWS will be venturing to the Out Banks and I know I’m looking for to it. You can find out some details here, the rest, well, you just gotta...

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on Jun 27, 2008 in Camera Gear Posts, Just Out!

Does he EVER stop?

Scott over at LensCoat just keeps coming up with great gear for us to take great care of our gear! His latest goodies are lens pouches (scroll down a tad). I know. lens pouches are nothing new, heck most Nikon lenses comes with them now. But these are made out of basically waterproof neoprane (my feelings, not LensCoat). These cases also snug right up to the top of the lens because they are extra long. The cases in the back are hold a 14-24AFS, 24-70AFS with shd and 70-300VR. Sweet! My favorite is the one up front here that I use for the 1.7x. It clips right to my belt making it easy to take on and off the 600VR while protecting...

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on Jun 27, 2008 in Camera Gear Posts, Great Stuff

When it POURS buckets

We get a lot of calls asking why our WRP PhotoPacks don’t come with a built in raincover. The answer is real simple, it adds to the cost and SIZE of the photopack. It has to be pouring buckets before I worry about  my MP-1 PhotoPack. But there are those times, like in AK when it’s just pouring and the MP-1 is just lying there when a little extra cover might be handy. That’s why I went out and bought a REI Duck’s Back Raincover (it even has a wildlife name, what more can you want?). This thing is bulletproof, I’ve tested it using the garden hose blasting away while it was covering the MP-1. It fits over the entire photopack even when it’s on your back. It folds flat and hides away in the back zippered compartment when not in use (adding nothing to the size of the photopack, very important these days when traveling by air). Whether it’s our photopack or some other manufacture, it’s a great...

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on Jun 27, 2008 in Just Out!

Arctic Butterfly Brite

The latest cleaning gear from VisibleDust just arrived and all I have to say is……kewl! The new Arctic Butterfly Brite is the Arctic Butterfly with its own light. It works great! Be sure to NOT spin the brush when it’s in the mirror box. Spin it for 10sec prior to use OUTSIDE the mirror box. This charges the brush so it just “sucks” up those small particles off the CCD. And be careful with the light switch, go too far and it spins the brush. You don’t want to do this while it’s in the mirror box. While I was ordering the Arctic Brite, I picked up some of the new Vswabs for the D3. While I never had a problem with the old ones, these will make it easier to clean the CCD when I’m in a hurry. The VisibleDust folks also came out with a 7x Loupe which might be darn helpful to spot those really small, annoying...

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on Jun 26, 2008 in Just Out!

An Issue I Feel Strongly about

I’ve not even spent enough time with these magnificent creatures yet, and they are on my priority list. My concern is, time isn’t on their side or mine. Please, take a moment to check out the facts and perhaps get involved. This just came in which might be of help to you. Take action to help protect polar bears Though America’s polar bears are now listed as “threatened,” this label has come without any new protections. In fact, the bear’s future just became more uncertain. You’re help is needed to ensure polar bears are not harmed by careless oil drilling. Problem After assuring the American people that safeguards were in place to protect polar bears from oil and gas exploration, the Department of Interior gave a free pass to oil companies for harming polar bears. Solution Legislation called the Polar Bear Seas Protection Act has been introduced in congress that would put commonsense protections in place before oil and gas exploration is allowed to harm polar bears. Your voice...

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