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on Jun 14, 2008 in Wildlife Photography

Then came the last day

With the change in the weather this morning, I changed plans and headed to where I thought we’d have the best possible photo opps. Heck, it’s Friday the 13th.

So we headed to the sheep and hoped they would come when they should. We lucked out, they came down and it wasn’t just the ewe group but five rams, three with decent sized curls.

And while you might think all was copesetic, it was anything but a few times. The biggest ram chased off the younger ones a couple times with full blast head butts.

This is right after one of the head butts with the younger ram, I don’t know, saying it gives? I’d never seen behavior like this so not sure what’s going on. Glad I had the opportunity to see and photograph it.

After a marathon boardroom session, it was back out to wildlife photography and since it is my Base Camp, we went to one of my favorite places for the afternoon.

Potter Marsh despite the wind was as active as usual. The wind while buffeting our lenses pretty good, stopped the Arctic Terns dead in their tracks making capturing flight shots pretty darn easy.

This is why they hovered, they were coming in to the nest, bringing in nesting material and fish to the nest. it was great photography, great fun and in my mind, a great ending to our Alaska Base Camp. Want to thank Jorgen, Dave, Chris, Rob, Fredrik and Jarred for making it a great week!

Photos captured by D3, 600VR (Terns w/TC-17e) on Lexar UDMA digital film