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on Jun 16, 2008 in Camera Gear Posts

Epson 1900 – king of glossy!

We just finished our AK Base Camp. One of the very important aspects of dealing with photo buyers is the delivery of Match Prints. Our big need is to delivery on a paper stock that matches not only the rich color of our photographs but the glossy nature of the magazines we’re selling images to. Well, the trade secret is out on how to get a leg up on the competition.

The Epson 1900 is a killer printer for just this, and many other printing applications. The prints coming out of the 1900 on Premium Luster and Premium Photo Paper are simply spectacular! If you counting, yes that’s the 4th Epson printer in our office. There’s the 7800, 3800, R340 and now the 1900. Each of these printers serve a specific task which is why they are all here (and I can’t leave out the P5000 which I don’t talk about much but is used on EVERY project and can’t live without).

And now until the 28th, the folks at NAPP have scored a special deal for NAPP members. Just another reason to be a NAPP member and another great product from Epson that I think if you’re in the business of supplying prints to photo buyers, you gotta have! Between its glossy print quality and speed, it just puts you and more importantly your photographs ahead.