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on Jun 20, 2008 in Aviation

I Passed!

Just as the sun rose today, we were on the flight line in the attempt to make some fine art photographs of some mighty fine plane lines.

The actual sunrise and its flaming red color unfolded as I sped up Hwy395 to Stead Airport (home of the Reno Nat’l Air Races). I personally didn’t want the red with the steally silver Mustang and was quite pleased with the light after the color.

And the light stuck around long enough to make a couple of shots of this incredibly colorful T-9 tail.

After the morning media briefing (who were in school just like the pilots) it was back out to the pylons to photograph the planes. This year, I was the only “pylon virgin” in training. The photographers out here are very specialized, very dedicated and very friendly and helpful. Can’t thank them enough to their schooling and friendship!

Pylon 4 shooting for the Unlimited Class was really, truly, just kick ass fun! There were a number of P-51 Mustangs and when they flew up the ridge, past us, around the pylon continuing on the coarse, well, it was just spectacular!

So, at the end of the day I got my patch, passed the class, qualified and welcomed to the media for the 10-14 Sept Championships. Now that I’ve finally made it here after all these years of wanting to, I can’t wait for the races and to be back with this great group of photographers! Want to thank Scott of Nikon NPS for making it possible for me to be here!

Photos captured by D3, 14-24AFS / 500VR (handheld) on Lexar UDMA digital film