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on Jun 26, 2008 in Just Out!

An Issue I Feel Strongly about

I’ve not even spent enough time with these magnificent creatures yet, and they are on my priority list. My concern is, time isn’t on their side or mine. Please, take a moment to check out the facts and perhaps get involved. This just came in which might be of help to you.

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Take action to help protect polar bears

Though America’s polar bears are now listed as “threatened,” this label has come without any new protections. In fact, the bear’s future just became more uncertain. You’re help is needed to ensure polar bears are not harmed by careless oil drilling.

After assuring the American people that safeguards were in place to protect polar bears from oil and gas exploration, the Department of Interior gave a free pass to oil companies for harming polar bears.

Legislation called the Polar Bear Seas Protection Act has been introduced in congress that would put commonsense protections in place before oil and gas exploration is allowed to harm polar bears. Your voice is needed to help make this bill become law! Click on the button to learn more and take action.

Take Action!
Now here’s what’s really sad and very disappointing to me. Within the 1st 10min of posting this blog, 420 visited the blog and according to the stats, not one clicked through to find out more info. What does that tell you?