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on Jun 27, 2008 in Just Out!

Arctic Butterfly Brite

The latest cleaning gear from VisibleDust just arrived and all I have to say is……kewl! The new Arctic Butterfly Brite is the Arctic Butterfly with its own light. It works great!

Be sure to NOT spin the brush when it’s in the mirror box. Spin it for 10sec prior to use OUTSIDE the mirror box. This charges the brush so it just “sucks” up those small particles off the CCD. And be careful with the light switch, go too far and it spins the brush. You don’t want to do this while it’s in the mirror box.

While I was ordering the Arctic Brite, I picked up some of the new Vswabs for the D3. While I never had a problem with the old ones, these will make it easier to clean the CCD when I’m in a hurry.

The VisibleDust folks also came out with a 7x Loupe which might be darn helpful to spot those really small, annoying particles.