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on Jun 27, 2008 in Camera Gear Posts, Just Out!

Does he EVER stop?

Scott over at LensCoat just keeps coming up with great gear for us to take great care of our gear! His latest goodies are lens pouches (scroll down a tad). I know. lens pouches are nothing new, heck most Nikon lenses comes with them now. But these are made out of basically waterproof neoprane (my feelings, not LensCoat). These cases also snug right up to the top of the lens because they are extra long. The cases in the back are hold a 14-24AFS, 24-70AFS with shd and 70-300VR. Sweet!

My favorite is the one up front here that I use for the 1.7x. It clips right to my belt making it easy to take on and off the 600VR while protecting it.