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on Jun 27, 2008 in Camera Gear Posts, Great Stuff

When it POURS buckets

We get a lot of calls asking why our WRP PhotoPacks don’t come with a built in raincover. The answer is real simple, it adds to the cost and SIZE of the photopack. It has to be pouring buckets before I worry about  my MP-1 PhotoPack. But there are those times, like in AK when it’s just pouring and the MP-1 is just lying there when a little extra cover might be handy.

That’s why I went out and bought a REI Duck’s Back Raincover (it even has a wildlife name, what more can you want?). This thing is bulletproof, I’ve tested it using the garden hose blasting away while it was covering the MP-1. It fits over the entire photopack even when it’s on your back. It folds flat and hides away in the back zippered compartment when not in use (adding nothing to the size of the photopack, very important these days when traveling by air). Whether it’s our photopack or some other manufacture, it’s a great way of protecting your bag without adding to its size. I use the 80lr for the MP-1, 60lr for the MP-3.