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on Jun 24, 2008 in Wildlife Photography

You Could Read a Couple of Things into This

I give my right arm for those moments you capture when wildlife does something humorous, something we humans can so easily read into what’s really not there but is funny to us. Such is the case for this photo of a pair of Canvasback Ducks photographed a couple weeks back at our AK Base Camp. I’ve just finished 9 days of populating  2x 2TB of new hard drives and repopulating 3x 1TB of old drives (I was spared messing with another 2TB) as I expand my rabbit farm to manage all the digital files (having to make a rabbit hutch too boot!). What a royal pain in the butt and a bore moving, doing chksum and recreating thumbnails. I’m just now able to upload the images from AK & the air races to the network. I can read a whole new meaning into that kwaking duck photo after this experience. What’s really happening is there are two males and one female flying past us (one male is out of...

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on Jun 22, 2008 in Just Out!

How dooo you do it?

It would seem my latest blog postings from Reno Air Race Pylon Racing Seminar broke the camel’s back. I’ve received so far 203 emails with the question, “How dooo you do it?” The question was asked with two inferences: both with the implication that I am some how not human. There is always that possibility. And while the perception is better than reality, there is a real answer to the questions. How is it I’m one week in the mighty redwoods, the next chasing tornadoes, the next in Alaska photographing critters and then in Reno photographing race planes (and in between working with Sage Grouse)? The start of the answer is that my best friend, business partner and wife are all the same person, Sharon. She makes it possible for me to follow my passion, photography. There’s none better and I simply couldn’t do what I do without her! Next, I have some great friends, some mighty great friends who support my wackiness in the pursuit of a photograph!...

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on Jun 20, 2008 in Aviation

I Passed!

Just as the sun rose today, we were on the flight line in the attempt to make some fine art photographs of some mighty fine plane lines. The actual sunrise and its flaming red color unfolded as I sped up Hwy395 to Stead Airport (home of the Reno Nat’l Air Races). I personally didn’t want the red with the steally silver Mustang and was quite pleased with the light after the color. And the light stuck around long enough to make a couple of shots of this incredibly colorful T-9 tail. After the morning media briefing (who were in school just like the pilots) it was back out to the pylons to photograph the planes. This year, I was the only “pylon virgin” in training. The photographers out here are very specialized, very dedicated and very friendly and helpful. Can’t thank them enough to their schooling and friendship! Pylon 4 shooting for the Unlimited Class was really, truly, just kick ass fun! There were a number of P-51 Mustangs...

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on Jun 20, 2008 in Aviation

The ole Silver-gas Hawk

Where the heck is Moose now? Moose is at school, Race Rookey School that is. My good friend Scott Diussa who runs NPS mentioned a month ago that Nikon would be at the Reno Air Races Rookey school. Most don’t know but I’m really into planes so I instantly asked, nicely, if he could get me in. Well, here I am! The 1st day was great, filling 9 – 8GB cards will point blank race photography. I’m very fortunate that one of the best in the business, Richard VanderMeulen, is here and is a really, really nice guy. He shared with Scott with me so much information in photographing this sport. I wish he had a website I could send you to to see his work, it’s gorgeous. Nikon is here with lots of goodies including the 500VR. It was the 200VR and 500VR that I shot with all day, handheld and man, what great, sharp lenses for this sport. All the photos here except the bottom one were...

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on Jun 18, 2008 in Wildlife Photography

They trying to kill me?

I know it’s good for me (and that knowledge makes me feel so much better) and lord knows I need it, but this getting up at 03:30 to literally climb to the top of a mountain, chasing these “kids” just could be the death of me yet. We reached the top just as the sun kissed our feet. In the far distance you can see the Sweetwater Mtns that top out at 11,672 and below you can see the road we came in on. This is all part of the continuing project I’m documenting on Greater Sage Grouse I talked about last week on Scott’s blog. (The wildfires gave the distant sky a weird color this morning.) This morning was a success with four, four day old GSG chicks briefly caught, tagged and then released. It was a bad week this past week with 7 broods lost to predation. The first six months of life are pretty darn hard for these birds. Off in the background are the Sierra...

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