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on Jul 5, 2008 in Wildlife Photography

Mid-summer hum drum?!

It’s the middle of the summer, most of the sping action has come and gone, best birds have started to move south, the big game are up in the hills staying cool and us wildlife photographers are stuck holding the bag. What’s worse is the light, it’s just hurts most of the day, most of the time.

It’s time to head to the locale duck pond to just see what might come floating by that you can work. There’s nothing better than baby anything, like these goslings. When done right (which they are not here), they are money in the bank. Really, big time sellers these little fuzz balls are. So though the light sucks, not the most visual of exciting of subjects, you work your craft and try to make something happen.

You just never know what might happen in front of your lens that brings a giggle to the heart. And when that happens, you’re a better person for it!

Photos captured by D3, 600VR on Lexar UDMA digital flim