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on Jul 21, 2008 in Wildlife Photography

A bear's a bear

Not even home for 24hrs and I’m back out photographing bears. Not grizzlies (I wish, miss them so) but rather our neighborhood Am Black Bears (brown phase). This particular mom & cub are not new, Jake posted a couple great shots of them not too long ago in the tree in our front meadow.

This go around, mom left the kid way behind her and when the kid saw me (and the 200-400VR)  and being between them, it started balling (because everyone knows I am scary) and went up a fir a short distance. Darn! After awhile, mom cameback, grabbed the kid and went on their way. After a little time they found a dead Stellar Jay and cleaned it up. I left them as they headed back into the forest where they belong.

While I have a moment, there are some blogs I wanted to point out to you. First, we couldn’t be more proud nor impressed by what our son Jake has posted. He’s got some great work up and his images from our AK adventure are just killer! I have no doubt that in a short time his talent will go flying past dad. That’s cool!

There are also a couple from our Base Camp campers that I want to point you to. The first is that of Chris Van Winkle. At his portfolio review, he had some graphic images that just knocked my socks off. As you can see on his blog, he does a real nice job! The second is from the “kid” from our Bozeman Base Camp, Andrew Kniowski. He was the first “kid” sponsored by Nikon to join us and he set the bar pretty darn high for all the kids who followed. I really like Andrew and his photography.

Lastly is that of someone I consider a dear friend, big hearted and well, just love the guy and that’s Brad Moore. Many know him as Joe McNally’s assistant but I think of him as much more. It’s been a real joy and pleasure to see his photography grow. I know you’ll enjoy all these blogs, so check them out, alot!

I want to thank everyone for the very kind and in some cases, overwhelming emails in regards to my grizzly bear blogs. I spend time with them strictly because of a love for them and always appreciate hearing that comes out in my images. Many asked if I would be taking other shooters to photograph them. I’m out of that business but I highly recommend you head out with my dear friend David Cardinal. We meet when he first joined me a decade ago to photograph grizzly bears and now we have a software together and he leads trips. Check them out.

Photos captured by D3, 200-400VR on Lexar UDMA digital film