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on Jul 25, 2008 in Camera Gear Posts

NX2 Videos…Pandora’s Box

I was hoping to get out of this cleanly, but you “loyal” fans aren’t going to let me.  Pandora’s Box has been opened now. That’s OK, knowledge is a good thing, it’s just a time issue for me. Let me answer a couple of the most common questions on NX2 and my videos for you.

*The videos show my notebook NX2 Workspace which is what I use on the road. The screen shot above is my dual monitor set up back in the office. NX2 is pen centrick which makes it an even more killer and faster app to use with my favorite tool, the Wacom 21UX. I use dual monitors (yes, 2 – 21UX) as shown above. The left monitor has just the image, the right monitors holds the Edit List, Histogram, Metadata and Browser. When I have the luxury of traveling with my Wacom 12WX, then I can use this same workspace with my notebook as pictured above.

*Many have pointed out I do not as indicated in the video, show the “correct” method to do Color Cast correction using NX2 in our DigitalPro tutorials. Oops…I guess I have a weekend project. I’ll get it done when I get done fishing (we gotta get our fly lines wet this weekend).

*The videos were having a sizing issue with IE. That has been fixed

Thanks for all the response to the videos, glad they are helping some dive into NX2 and then get out with finished images so quickly!