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on Jul 28, 2008 in Camera Gear Posts

NX2 – Color Cast removal

Thanks for asking, the fishing was great! 🙂 In between chores and fishing, I did get a NX2 Color Cast removal video created. You’ll find it with the other videos right here. As I mention in the video, the way I do it I’m sure isn’t the text book, technical perfection correct way of doing it. None the less, it’s the way I do it in my everyday workflow.

Want to thank everyone for the love notes in regards to these very simple videos! It’s great to hear they are helping so many with their photography. Understandably, we’ve received as many emails and calls asking for more video tutorials for NX2, Photoshop and how I create the blog posters. It would be great if I had the free time or was paid for the time to produce these, but such is not the case. I am waiting breathlessly for the release of the bird photography video we shot in February to get posted at Kelby Training and until that is posted, I just don’t have any time on my schedule to offer you something else. Thanks though for letting us know these have helped your photography which is the whole goal!