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on Jul 31, 2008 in Just Out!

D3 Buffer Expansion

That’s right, starting on the 30th, you can get the buffer in your D3 increased!!! For $500, if you shoot Raw, you can hold 36, FX 14bit images, twice the amount! For the info, head here!

“Fee and Return
The cost is $500.00 plus your state tax. Customer is responsible for all shipping costs. Please allow up to two weeks time for the Buffer Memory Expansion service; should more time be required, the user will be informed.

Taking advantage of the buffer memory expansion service
Requests for Buffer Memory Expansion service will be accepted beginning July 30, 2008. Before sending your camera, please note all of your settings as this service will reset the camera to the original, default settings. This service will only be performed by Nikon Inc. service facilities in Melville or El Segundo.”

PS…as to the emails being sent asking if I’m going to be sending my D3s, I’m not sending them, they are already sent! To me, this is a no-brainer! Nikon recommends writing down you settings because they will be reset. Hey, simply Save them to your CF Card so you can easily reload them later SetUp Menu > Save/load settings