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on Aug 6, 2008 in Camera Gear Posts, Just Out!

The SB-900, how could I forget?

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I’m here learning the SB-900 and totally forgot to mention it. That money you saved buying the D700, use it to BUY the SB-900! Many have written about it like my flash heros Joe & Dave so you want to read what they’ve had to say for sure. But there’s a whole lot about the SB-900 that’s not been written about yet.

For example, the SB-900 has this special accessory, the WG-AS1. The SB-900 handles white balance in a whole new way (and comes with a filter holder that fits inside the soft light dome!) which includes the camera body settings. It has 3 illumination patterns along with a 200mm zoom capability.  It doesn’t have a 5th battery compartment but does have the new SD-9. And there is the much heralded better control buttons, switches and panel info. Sure, I’ve got that all down pat already. HA!

When I have got a handle on it well enough that I can write intelligently (which is always the challenge) I will get a page or two up on the SB-900 and D700. That won’t be tomorrow though but I’m sure sometime this year. 🙂