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on Aug 8, 2008 in Random Thoughts

Fiddling the Morning Away

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So we left the house at 01:00 to drive to the airport (which is 3hrs away in Reno) and saw lots of cool wildlife on the way, managing to hit none. We parked, got our luggage and headed to the ticket counter. There, we find our flight to HI scheduled for 06:00 which as of 11PM last night was still on time, had been canceled. Not to worry they say, we’ve rebooked you on another flight leaving at 2PM! You are in rows 9 and 40, so you can at least wave to each other. I just love flying these days!

In the midst of the public address system stating “we have a fire condition, stay in your area,” we hear fiddling going on. After a while, I looked to find this 10yr old virtuoso playing. He’s got this huge crowd in front of him, his fiddle case filling up with cash and large photographic mural of Tahoe Basin behind him (light sucked and reflection a killer, but better than sitting). I go ask his mom if it was OK to take a couple of snaps, grabbed the D700-24-70AFS and proceeded to take a couple of snaps. It summed up our morning pretty darn succinctly.

With luck, my next posting will be from a sunny, romantic beach in HI and not the gate of some airport. Have a great one folks!

Photo captured by D700, 24-70AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film