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on Aug 11, 2008 in Camera Gear Posts

Epson P7000 – What a Tool!

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Just prior to leaving for HI I received the new Epson P7000 from Epson and man, I’m I glad I did! Epson was real good to me supplying me with the Travel Kit which besides the obligatory custom case (which is well done) it includes the external dual battery charger & car charger. Nice touch! But, there’s more to the P7000 than just good looks (ok, they don’t hurt).

Preview both RAW and JPEG images while on location with the Photo Fine® Premia LCD, exclusively from Epson. Displaying over 16.7 million colors, this 4-inch LCD supports 94% of the Adobe® RGB color space, so you get incredible color accuracy. Zoom in to confirm focus and fine detail. Then, share your images the way they were meant to be seen — just as you captured them” The images are beautiful on the new screen and makes your worst image look better.

I love putting new gear through their paces in the field and that’s what I’m doing with the P7000. To same I’m impressed especially with the new and improved upload speed is an understatement. There are too many projects where I can’t take my notebook, no space and very limited on space. The P7000’s 160GB space which is double of my previous favorite, the P500, is a BIG plus to me. I can upload (10, Lexar 16GB cards or, about 5 average days of shooting and know they are protected and view what’s been taken. It’s simply in my book, a must have for the traveling photographer!