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on Aug 13, 2008 in Landscape Photography

The photograph just doesn't do it justice

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Tonight we cruised by the lava flow of the big island Hawaii and it WAS a sight to be seen! We shot here three years ago, walking out to the flow and getting just feet from it. Tonight, we were a half mile off shore. Seeing it late at night (10PM) and from a distance was, well, just leaves one awe struck! The glow of the lava, the pouring over the earth in the process of creating new earth and the massive steam explosions is just simply beyond words to describe.

Since words escape one, it’s time for photography to give it a go. But the event is so huge that even photography falls short. Cranking the ISO to 25k only yielded a shutter speed of 1/2sec, on a cruise ship pitching on the seas and moving forward, well you can see the results. The images are noisy and not even tack sharp and yet, they were all saved to the harddrive because for no other reason than they will remind us of this spectacle of nature we were so fortunate to witness.

Photo captured by life’s great rewards