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on Aug 18, 2008 in Random Thoughts

Monday followup Answers

First, thanks for all the kind words about the images I posted last week. The portraits seemed to garnish the most attention, I guess folks just simply don’t think of me doing “portraits” especially with flash. I received lots of emails with lots of questions which I answered. I wanted to just take a moment to answer some on the blog.

*What was my favorite island? – Kauai by far!

*Are we doing any workshops in HI? – Yes, we have a DLWS scheduled for next March and we’re looking into doing a Base Camp there as well (dang cool birds on the islands)

*How’d you get your gear around? – Sharon & I both used our MP-7 which worked great. The photo above shows what I took and how it was packed.

*Will I be cruising again? – NO, at least not while teaching photography

*Do you really like the D700, or are you being paid to say that? – Yes, I’m being paid so I can now retire and not have to blog another thing. Really, can’t believe folks still ask that question. Yes, I love the D700 it did a great job. No, I was not given a D700 nor paid to say that.

*How many images did you come back with? – Darn interesting question. Photos that went into the library were around 3100 but I came back with about 6000, the balance being “experimental” shots taken while putting the D700 and SB-900 through their paces. I still don’t have all the answers I want on the SB-900, more testing to do.

*What lens did you find you using the most in “tourist” mode? – the 24-70AFS rocks and is the lens I used the most.

Thanks to all who take the time to write, hope this helps all.