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on Aug 18, 2008 in Camera Gear Posts

Nikon Trivia

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Nothing earth shattering, truly just trivia. I received my D3 back from receiving its buffer upgrade while I was in HI. The turn around was less then two weeks. It was interesting that the paperwork included with the upgrade stats, “The memory buffer for your D3 has been upgraded to 2GB…” Personally, I never knew the exact size of the buffer. That’s why this is trivia. With the Jpeg quality set to Optimum and shooting Raw +Jpeg (14bit lossless compressed) the D3 buffer will now hold 32 and 916 images with 2x 16GB cards. Cool!

Those who have updated their D3’s firmware to 2.0, you can now update the firmware in the WT-4a to work with the D3 and Camera Control Pro 2.0.

And this is in from my friend Lindsay Silverman at Nikon. It’s a followup and addition for the 24PC piece I published on the web and in the BT Journal a while back. It’s good info.

Great issue and great piece on the 24 PC-E.

However (you know me well enough to find at least one additional way to work with a piece of gear) you tell your faithful to use Manual exposure for the obvious reasons.  I have discovered a cool way to stay in Aperture priority mode (my preferred way to shoot) – simply go to D3 Custom Settings and re-program the AF-L/AE-L to become a LOCK button without having to hold it in during the tilt/shift phase of composition.

Custom Setting f/6: Assign AE-L/AF-L Button AE-Lock HOLD

By selecting this option and pressing the AE-L/AF-L button prior to shifting or tilting – exposure locks and you can then compose literally hands-free from exposure adjustment.  An advantage of this is when you use auto bracketing

That’s pretty darn cool, thanks for sharing it Lindsay!

One last thing…I know there are TONS of blogs out there on the Olympics (my favorite is Vincent’s) but one you might not know about that I also like belongs to Scott Diussa’s, Nikon USA NPS mngr. It’s a little off beat but Scott has some cool images I don’t think you’ll see elsewhere.