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on Aug 22, 2008 in Great Stuff, Just Out!

Bird Photography Online Video now posted

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As some of you know, I’ve been making some online classes with the very creative (often times wacky) folks at Kelby Training. The first two on Landscape Photography have been incredibly popular with many folks greeting me with my familiar Howdy after watching them. Well, I’m quite excited to blog that the one I’ve been waiting for is up and ready for you.

Filmed in Florida, our Bird Photography online class is posted and here’s the link to it. This hour+ long class provides you with the ground work to photographing birds. Following the link you can see all that is discussed in the class. I hope you enjoy it and it helps you get more out of your bird photography.

The photos above are from the filming of our Landscape Classes in MT and Birds in Florida. I want you to note the extent we go to make the best possible classes. You can see our son Jake under the bridge with the sound mic and me out in water at North Beach. I don’t want your to think for one moment we were having any fun, it was all serious, challenging, arduous and dangerous work! And in that  grand tradition, we’re heading to Yellowstone this fall to film the next class. Check out the new class and stay tuned.

Photos by Josh Bradley