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on Aug 26, 2008 in Camera Gear Posts

iPhone Photography App

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I know, I wasn’t a big iPhone fan when they were first introduced but when my cellphone battery died, I was in the market. Brad seeing a weakness taunted me with his iPhone and all the cool things, business cool things it can do. From the planes I’ve NOT missed to finding Cold Stone ice cream, I find the iPhone an essential tool that I can’t live without.

I’m always on the lookout for new apps for the iPhone that will just make it better. I’m always on Terry’s blog because he’s a bigger gadgethead then me. I also cruise the App Store and I just found this app, PhotoCalc that I wanted to pass along to you. You can see just a couple of screens above, the Sunrise & Sunset is killer. If you have an iPhone, head to the app store and check it out.