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on Aug 27, 2008 in Wildlife Photography

Hot Dogs, it's Photoshop World time!

When it comes to charging the ol’ creative batteries, I don’t know of a better event then Photoshop World. This will be my 11th PSW and I get more and more excited each and every time I go (I won’t mention the butterflies from presenting).

Now there’s one hell of a lot of things to do, see and learn at PSW. I’m lucky, I have Sharon, Kathy, Julie, Kristen and oh yeah Scott planning my time for me. You’re probably not as fortunate so that gracious Canadian Dave Cross has created this very simple PDF planner. You use it prior to PSW and it helps you be in the right place and the right time to learn the right thing.

Now of course being MooseNewsBlog fans, the first classes you’ll look for are those from your’s truly. Please come by the the NAPP Photo Safari (with my good friend Joe McNally), classes, Art of Digital, Nikon Theater or just passing by on the floor and say hello. Because truly, that is the best part of PSW.