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on Sep 5, 2008 in Great Stuff

Photoshop Buzz day#2

What a treat, we actually had time to take in one of the hundreds of great classes here at PSW. We went to Scott Kelby’s new class on portrait retouching. What was really cool to me was 1) seeing Scott’s portraits, he really does a sweet job, 2)hearing his thought process in making someone beautfiul and 3)hearing his thoughts on where retouching trends are going. Great class Scott!

The other great aspect of PSW is the sheer mad cap fun that abounds. Here, the PhotoshopTV boys are on the show floor recording their show “on the road.” You had to be careful or YOU might have been instantly on TV. Great thing about a camera commected to your face, you can hide! I want to thank all the folks who were in my classes today, all the great questions and kind words.