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on Sep 7, 2008 in Random Thoughts

How was Tre Lit?

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After the shock wears off that Moose photographs models (though that’s how I started a dark age ago) and does a pretty good job, next comes the question, how was Tre lit?

The lens used was the 14-24AFS at 24mm. I was no more than two feet away from Tre. The light is a single SB-900 with its wide angle adapter attached and being shot through a Lastolite Trigrip, 1 stop. The flash was geled with a 1/2 cut CTO. My assistant Josh is holding the Lastolite and SB-900 so the Lastolite is actually resting on the lens barrel and the flash is perhaps four inches away from it. The camera has -2 dialed in, the flash is at -2/3comp.

While I know enough to be dangerous, I’ve not produced anything to teach it to you online (which is what the emails have been asking: appreciate the kind words). If you want to really learn this stuff and from the master, the guy who has taught me TONS, you need to check out Joe Mcnally’s online videos at Kelby Training. You can get a little taste by checking out his blog from the same shoot were I photographed Tre.

The bottonline on Joe & my photographs from the NAPP Safari is they were done with just one light. If you want personal flash inspiration, be sure to join us at DLWS where Joe teaches these techniques for three days, in the classroom and in the field.