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on Sep 8, 2008 in Just Out!

Nik Sharpener Pro 3

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With all the buzz at PSW, I totally missed the boat on Nik’s announcement of SP3. To say this is hot stuff is an understatement! I’ve lost track how long I’ve been using this in my workflow, at least six months and I’m so glad the cat’s out of the bag and now you can use it!

Using their killer uPoint technology along with the already incredible strength of SP2, Sharpener Pro 3 has both Creative and Output sharpening. The Output might sound familiar to you but Creative, that’s probably a new term for most. Those who have gone to the Epson Print Academy probably know Creative better as “sharpening for content.” No matter the case, SP3 now does both and so incredibly beautifully. You won’t see the difference on any computer monitor but I guarantee you will in your prints!