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on Sep 14, 2008 in Aviation

Where do you point the lens?

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As I write this, I’m rubbing my left arm and my neck is cracking, leftover from shooting for four days to bring back 6737 photographs from the races. Here is myself, our son Brent and Nikon’s Mark Kettenhofen shooting the F22 flight on Saturday. The 200-400VR, 70-300VR and 500VR are the lenses of choice at the races. This cool shot was taken by the keen eye of Sharon, looking for graphics amongst the shooters.

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The Reno Air Races are more than just planes flying really fast in a circle. Quite often in between races there are your more typical air show performances. These are fun with the media pass because you’re right under the action. The stunt planes are fun to watch but after seeing the F22 fly, they just don’t seem so agile.