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on Sep 28, 2008 in Great Stuff

Museum of Glass

Sharon and I had a couple of minutes to ourselves today so we checked out the a Museum of Glass. This is where you can, when you’re lucky, see the master Chihuly at work. He wasn’t there today, but we were there in time to see them work on this very cool piece.

We sat down in the Hot Shop and watched them create “Venus Flytrap with a Light Saber” (Hot Shop is above). They have a monthly contest where kids 12 and younger “design” a piece of artwork and the team of very talented glass artisians create it.

It’s a very cool because you’re sitting right there watching the whole thing come to life before your eyes.

These photos were just taken from the stands and I had to be jolted to take them I was so involved in watching them at work. You have the opportunity, I highly recommend you check it out!

Photos captured by D700, 28f1.4 / 70-300AFS