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on Sep 30, 2008 in Great Stuff

P6000 images

The P6000 is just plain ol fun! I’ve not figured out the NRW file thing yet so haven’t been able to unlock the raw power but I’m pretty impressed with the Jpegs. These shots were taken at ISO 64 with -1 stop comp dialed in to bring out the mood in the clouds and color.

If I had to list what I like best, it’s the simple ease of use. There isn’t really much to the P6000 which makes pointing and shooting simple. The shutter lag is amaziingly little which is a joy. The LCD monitor is bright so composing in sunlight not painful. Image quality in the Jpegs would easily make a magazine page. While I have the GPS turned on, I don’t have NXViews to see the info. And the flash, that little thing does a clean job for a on camera flash.

Bottomline, it works for my P&S needs and I can make money from it’s files.