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on Sep 30, 2008 in Just Out!

You Can Do It Too – 2

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Ever had your mom or wife (or dad or husband) tell you, “That’s a great photo, you should sell it and become a professional?” Did you just shrug it off and think it’s not possible? Got an Epson printer sitting in your office/home and the prints coming from it just don’t match what you see on the monitor? Ever have a great set of images and killer story that goes with them you wanted to see published but just didn’t know how to make that happen? Got digital images here, there and everywhere and you just want to learn how to organize and protect them? Now YOU can do something about it!

Feb 05-08, 2009 RC Concepcion (the genius behind the Moose Gallery and so much more) and myself (that would be Moose) will be your instructors at our first You Can Do It Too workshop (held in our office/home). RC and I will bring 60yrs of photographic marketing and web expertise and put it in your hands. Everything from taking the photo, finishing the photo, finding the photobuyer, creating your blog and website to creating the perfect print, we will explode your head and send your heart into palpitations with all we have in store for you!

We’ll thoroughly go through all this and a whole heck of a lot more. You’ll be required to bring your camera gear, notebook, 30 images to project and share with the group, an article you wrote containing 1500 words and 10 additional images to illustrate it. And, you’ll need a LARGE notepad to write down all you learn. You will be shooting, finishing and preparing to make your photography pay for your passion. To register (only taking 8 and it’s already half filled) call 760.924.8632 (M-F, 9-5PST). If you need more info, this is not the right photographic experience for you. $895 for instruction only. Oh yeah, come rested, you’re in for LONG days!