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on Oct 14, 2008 in Just Out!

Dell Precision 6400 hyper-speed!

After 37 days on the road, we got to see our home again. It was a bit of a shock and good to see a couple of inches of snow on the ground. We went from fall color to snow in less than 12hrs. It is an amazing world we live in!

I’m still plowing through all the shipments that arrived while I was gone, lots of great new gear to share with you this week but the coolest being the new Dell 6400 notebook. (Hi, my name is Moose, I’m a computer Junkie!) This bad boy rocks!

What Dell delivered to me is a fully loaded speed demon! Dual 120GB 7200rpm drives, 4GB ram, Duo Core 2 speed, backlit keyboard, Web Cam, 17″ WUXGA RGB LED Edge To Edge Back-Lit Display (1920×1200) Res (unbelievable quality & calibration), Vista 64bit blow the doors off apps speed rocket ship!

Why the upgrade? Well the LED RGB monitor for one. The outrageous speed when running CS4 is another and well, it’s where software needs are pointing us. Now the Vista 64bit is a bit of a learning curve, at least the darn thing flies so my impatience is short lived. If this big, bad boy seems like physically too big a notebook for you, be sure to check out its little brother, the 4400. You can see the 6400 in action next week at PhotoPlus, I’ll be at the Lexar & Bogen booth.