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on Oct 16, 2008 in Great Stuff

This is a shinning light!

Life is this funny thing that we try our darnedest to influence only to learn we have no real influence over the big picture. Our day started by hearing sad news for our new, dear friend and ended up by being reminded that the sun will come up tomorrow. Sharon & I are blessed in that those who we work with are also our family. You could tell that from the silly blogs this past weekend from New York. The silliness of family thank God keeps on rolling.

From my good friend RC comes this from one of his notes to the family. “This however pales in comparison to how much he and his wife Sharon have become our friends. Now, Moose and Sharon are out in CA (living amongst the bears), and we don’t get to see them as often as we would like to. I spend a lot of time texting with Moose however late at night (I think 2 nights dont go by without having a txt flurry.. hes very tech too.. so we can geek out), and he’s always checking on Sabine and Jenn to make sure they are OK.

Well.. Moose likes to send Sabie stuff and one of the things Sabie is getting attached to is a Moose! I think it’s kinda cool cause we’re attached to Uncle Moose too… check it out!”

Thanks Sabie for the reminder not to take life as seriously as life wants us to take it. Thanks to dad too!