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on Oct 16, 2008 in Great Stuff

Westcott’s StrobeLite Plus kit

What’s Moose up to you must be asking yourself. I guess I could blame this all on Joe and Scott and a desire to reinvestigate a type of photography I worked in the late seventies. But we had nothing like the Wescott StrobeLite Plus back then! Studio photography is where I started my photographic pursuit and in my journey of exploring light, it’s back to my roots I go. But where to start? Light!

There is this killer event, Photoshop World where some of the best creative minds congregate twice a year. At the Las Vegas event I meet this really nice guy, John Williamson. We just started to talk photography (hard to believe its’ a topic I like to talk about) and at the end of the conversation he handed me his business card (he works for Wescott) and said if there was ever anything he could do. Well, I immediately tapped his expertise (he’s one smart dood). Knowing how highly Scott talks about Wescott, I told him my needs and asked what he recommended. When I got home a few days ago I found the Strobelite Plus kit waiting for me. Hot dang!

The custom kit John set me up with was two StrobeLite Plus heads (really sweet light), 7′ Octabank (killer, giant, light), 12×50 Strip Bank (might tip my hand with that one), stands and this killer Spiderlite Travel bag. Now you know how I like to take my own product shots but have to be honest with you, I don’t have a studio big enough (right now) to set up all this gear to do a product shot of it. I can tell you though that in the future you will see images taken using this incredible lighting system. I mean I’m still in awe. All this gear that creates such a gorgeous light all goes into a case smaller than the body box that holds our screen for DLWS. It’s that kind of innovation and eye to design that makes this most definitely the studio system for me! You can check out their line here. And it’s back to the studio for me. And if you want more info or to buy, contact Jeff Snyder at Adorama (where I buy all my gear).