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on Oct 27, 2008 in Wildlife Photography

Breaking the Jynx

I presented on the Lexar stage at Photo+ and this was across the top of the walls. While Lexar was talking about memory as it pertains to flash memory, it think it just as rightly applies to our experience this afternoon and more importantly as wildlife photographers.

We went out shooting and to be honest with you, didn’t find any wildlife that wound the film. Yeah, bison and elk were out but they just didn’t light up the pixels so we didn’t even point the lenses. We came across a car jam and found out it was a grizzly bear on a bison kill. What was incredibly cool was the griz was perhaps 30yards away. The griz was lying on the hind quarters of the bison, it’s stomach cavity missing so the griz became headless and it stuck its head in for a bite.  The griz, a large one for Yellowstone, was dark, fat (700lbs) and beautiful fur ready for winter. All of this and not a shot to be had. It was back amongst deadfall and tight trunks. No matter, we got to watch for a long while one of the great spectacles of nature, a griz and UP close. Those who have shot with me know what I mean when I say, we broke the jynx.

For a photographic inspiration, check out what Jake captured yesterday. Schweet!