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on Nov 4, 2008 in Wildlife Photography, Yellowstone Life

Introducing the Moose Cam

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Here we are in Yellowstone shooting. While bringing you select stills from the shoot and a little text might help you improve your photography, I’ve been wanting to do more on the blog. My mind turned to video earlier this year when we started to post on the D3 microsite. We’re working on our 4th Kelby Training video, but still wanted to do more. Then came the Coolpix 6000.

Its video mode got me to thinking and you’re seeing the beginning of that thought here. The Moose Cam is the P6000 affixed right over the lens barrel so you can see what I saw with my naked eye at the time of shooting. Now this is in its beginning form, I will be refining it as time goes on. I hope it helps your photography with what little I can pass along.

In this first one, Jake & I are shooting with 600mm lenses this lone bull elk we found for one of our segments in the new upcoming Kelby Training video on big game photography. Enjoy!