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on Nov 7, 2008 in Great Stuff

I just call her Laurie

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What seems like a lifetime ago, I did a presentation at a camera store. Working there was this ever perky, big hearted and smiley blond who was just dieing to be of assistance. Well, that grew to her literally becoming my assistant for a long time and now, she’s a big time photography star in her own right. Her name is Laurie Excell, I just call her sis.

Now like any good brother/sister relationship, there are the heavier and the lighter sides. If you’ve heard the stories of the practical jokes I’ve pulled on her like locking her camera bag closed with my pad lock, swiping the battery or flash card from her camera, shamelessly, they are true. While she does get even (don’t let those sweet looks fool you) she really doesn’t know what’s coming her direction next. So when I pointed the then new P6000 at her and it was in video mode, she wasn’t prepared for that but like the trooper she is, she let big bro have his laugh.

Well I started this DLWS scouting again  by pointing the P6000 in her direction, but that’s because she looked so great in the light bouncing in the window to the left from the rainy skies.  I just wanted to share the sweet side with you that I’ve come to love.

Of course, she knows that my posting something nice about her just means, that’s right, another practical joke must be in the works.

Photo captured by P6000 on Lexar UDMA digital film