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on Nov 19, 2008 in Aviation

You Race Fans out there

If I wasn’t anxious enough to be back out photographing the Races when  Josef goes and emails with the great news his book on the races is out. Josef is the nicest guy you’re going to ever meet, the friendliest and most helpful photographer I’ve come across in a long time, loves to laugh and dang if he ain’t a great photographer too boot!

You don’t have to take my word for the photography, you can check it out in his newly released book. I couldn’t find it instantly in the US, but I bet it will make it here. As for him being a nice guy and funny, those joining us at our New York DLWS will find out for themselves as Josef will be joining us.

When you run into Josef, ask him about chasing the solar eclispe around the North Pole in a AirBus. It’s a great story and he has photos to go with it!