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on Nov 22, 2008 in Landscape Photography

I ain't no Ben Willmore!

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RC & I wanted to move onto another challenge. So to the boat rental shack we went. We knew from the get go we were going to use the Ben Willmore Dynamic HDR to finish the image.  Ben does Dynamic HDR (Dynamic  being my term for the drama he builds into his photography) better than anyone else, probably because he really invented it. I really, really love his work mainly because he approaches it from the moment he puts down the tripod to be a DHDR image (compared to those who use it because it’s the in fad or have no other idea how to create a photo). That’s one reason why Ben’s my hero (the other is he saves my butt when it comes to learning the latest version of PS, thanks Ben!).

RC & I started by trying to get the framing for this scene. That was a big challenge because of the ugly bush on the left and the ugly sidewalk on the right. Well, DHDR we knew would kinda take care of the bush because the color of the canoe and building, but the sidewalk, it would look worse. So, I told RC of an old trick, make the cement all wet to hide it (you see it all the time in car ads). How to do that in the Sierra? I had a coffee cup and we were standing next to a lake. You got it, after 15min we had hidden the sidewalk (which turned all blue with DHDR). Than, it was simply a Photomatix Pro treatment, a little Color Efex Pro and a giggle to finish. Watching us carry the lake cup by cup for a photo that isn’t an earth shaker is just that, a giggle.

Photo captured by D3, 14-24AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film