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on Dec 2, 2008 in Random Thoughts

D3 or D3x?

The emails are flying in, “Are you getting a D3x?” Hey, I’m Moose Peterson, I can’t help myself, silly question! Like I already mentioned, just being able to do my Ultra Wide Panos with the D3x kept me up last night planning locations I want to visit and revisit this winter. Making it easier for me is the fact the decision was actually made for me. A client wants what the D3x has to offer and is going to pay to have it. But what about you?

To me it’s real obvious just like deciding between the D3 and D700. Approaching it strictly from a business point of view, if you can’t make money on the expendature, why even consider it? If you’re not going to see a 200-300% gain in your photography, just don’t go there. As has been correctly pointed out, the D3, D700 & D300 are great bodies. If you already have them and they are paid for or been thinking about adding them to your bag, then go make merry and don’t get caught up in the new kid on the block.  And if that doesn’t work, here’s another thought on the matter if it helps.